The Vision Festival at Tufts

Tufts University, Distler Hall

7pm REVOLUTION / RESURRECTION: PATRICIA NICHOLSON (dance and voice), JASON KAO HWANG (violin), MICHAEL TA THOMPSON (drums), Bill Mazza (live projections)

ALSO: 1pm: WORKSHOP IN IMPROVISATION by WILLIAM PARKER, for the young musicians of the Tufts Community Music Program

5:30pm: SYMPOSIUM: “SOUND AND SOCIAL JUSTICE”: Tufts faculty (Anthony Romero, Stephan Pendelton, Joel Larue Smith, Erica Walker) in dialogue with Fred Moten and the musicians of the Vision Festival

6:30pm: MATTHEW SHIPP (piano) and MICHAEL BISIO (bass)

8:00pm: FRED MOTEN (poetry)

8:30pm: WILLIAM PARKER (bass) ANDREW CYRILLE (drums) ROB BROWN (alto saxophone) FRED MOTEN (poetry) STEVE SWELL (trombone)