Jason Kao Hwang - composer/violin/viola

Andrew Drury - drum set

Ken Filiano - string bass


CD RELEASE:  July 1st, 2020

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Violinist/violist Jason Kao Hwang's trio with Ken Filiano (bass) and Andrew Drury (drums) is one of the most finely honed small groups in the improvised music scene...It all comes together on the closing "Defiance", the telepathic interplay, the storytelling, the rotating narratives and the sterling musicianship.  Robert Bush, New York City Jazz Record. Read Full Review

The veteran New York violinist/violist Jason Kao Hwang, who's worked with Anthony Braxton, William Parker and the late Butch Morris, among others, creates work under his own name that resist categorization:  Sometimes it's jazz, sometimes cham,ber music and sometimes entirely uncategorizable ... Which is to say that this is heavy, profound music. - Philip Freeman, Downbeat Magazine  Read Full Review 

...features playing of the high-wire, rough-and-tumble variety, the trio's expressions rooted in the rapport the musicians have developed over time. Such unpredictability makes for exciting and engaging music, and the greatest takeaway has less to do with the compositions and more with the always evolving interplay between them.  Ron Schepper, textura.com 

With 15 years of mutual collaboration and musical understanding, Hwang, Filiano and Drury have developed a natural, fascinating language that is fully expressed on Human Rites Trio. - Filipe Freita, jazztrail.net

It's a marriage of complete control and artful abandon that's never short on surprise...Jason Kao Hwang, Ken Filiano and Andrew Drury know themselves well enough to be lost and found in each other's sounds, and that beauty points to what's right with Human Rites Trio's music. - Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

The near-12 minute opulence of the pure, thrusting, raw string-shredding expressionism through hybrid Afro-Asian ecumenicism, of the dynamic 'Battle for the Indelible Truth' is a breathtaking work of musical art, in and unto itself, and then the album comes to a close on the fingering-finesse, and drum/percussion, dynamic call and response between composition and improvisation core found within 'Defiance.' - Anne Carlini, Exclusive Magazin

The three virtuoso musicians are recognized for their exploration of the potential offered by the respective instruments. Individual voices intertwine in such a way that at every moment our senses are impacted in an unpredictable and deeply intentional way, creating firm bonds that unite musicians and listeners. - António Branco, Jazz.pt

…when it comes to improvised music, I consider Jason’s violin/viola work to be right up there at the TOP! … I give Jason and his bandmates a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this highly engaging sonic experience.   - Rotcod Zzaj, Contemporary Fusion

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Below is a video of Jason Kao Hwang/Human Rites trio with music from the CD.

My thanks to the 2020 El Intruso International Critics Poll for selecting me first for Violin/Viola.  My thanks for the votes in Downbeat Magazine's 2020 68th Annual Critics Poll.

Sharing all this love with all the musicians whom I play with. We make the music together.

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.. the two created these fragile and delicate moments, rich in musicality and feeling, one on violin and viola, the other on piano and to the vibraphone. They are engaging atmospheres in which the accent moves on pathos, communication, beyond the desecrating or angry moments of the free with which the two in the past have had to do. Among the most beautiful moments Below Zero, with the pizzicato on Hwang's violin that meets the vibraphone, is a very special atmosphere that the two manage to create in improvisation. Overall it is an incision without moments of emptiness, which involves the listener from beginning to end, of two musicians in a state of grace who had something real to say to each other and made it public. - Vittori LoConte, musiczoom.it   Read Full Review

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By constantly alternating the density of the orchestrations, Hwang suggests different scenarios that correspond to transformative states of mind. The thrills of spontaneity come from individual statements but also from interspersed interlocutions with two or three musicians. After all, this is music of exploration and reflection. -  Felipe Freitas, jazztrail.net,

The enormity of emotions, the multiplicity of ecstasy and the almost ecstatic parts of individual instruments, make the album "Blood" an exciting and captivating experience of each of the recipients open to new experiences. … "Blood" is not only a fascinating clash of Asian folklore with the free jazz formula, but also a unique show of virtuosity of each musician and an example of an ideal artistic correlation.  Robert Ratajczak, longplayrecenzje.blox  (google translation of Polish)

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My thanks to the 2019 El Intruso International Critics Poll.


My thanks to the 2018 El Intruso International Critics Poll.


Grateful that Sing House was named one of the Best CDs of 2017 by Downbeat Magazine.

Sing House is  available at BandCamp and CD Baby!

I'm grateful to Giovanni Russonello for his 4/28 review of Sing House in the New York Tim

On Sing House from the Best Jazz on Bandcamp:

The breadth of influences that composer Jason Kao Hwang is able to call upon, and his willingness to leave wide open spaces within compositions for improvising, strikes the perfect balance between meticulous planning and breathless spontaneity. His newest, Sing House, falls in line with past experiments. “No Such Thing” provides ample, immediate evidence of that push-and-pull, with its turbulent bursts of avant-garde dissonance suddenly settling into joyful expressions of the blues. “Dream Walk” is a panoramic view of a host of musical forms, never fully adopting a single one, always sounding on the verge of phasing into another altogether. “When What Could” takes the opposite approach, allowing jazz forms to manifest with a charged immediacy, while leaving the transitions between each expression a bit fuzzy. It’s this kind of daring that makes a Hwang album so thrilling—that sense of sharp intelligence and creative courage. On his newest, the violinist-violist is joined by drummer Andrew Drury, bassist Ken Filiano, pianist Chris Forbes, and trombonist Steve Swell.



Previous events

Jason Kao Hwang/Human Rites Trio ZOOM concert


Arts for Art presents Jason Kao Hwang Human Rites Trio featuring Jason Kao Hwang (composer/violin/viola), Andrew Drury (drum set) and Ken Filiano (string bass)


Billy Martin Meshes Orchestra

Nu Blu, 151 Avenue C, NYC, NY

Jason Kao Hwang, Tomas Fujiwara, Kenny Wollesen, Dana Lyn, Kyra Sims, Anthony Coleman,  Frank London, Kalun Leung, and more!


Yoshiko Chuma: Secret Journey to Tipping Utopia

 —  —

92nd St. Y, 1395 Lexington Avenue, New York City, NYT

The School of Hard Knocks Jason Kao Hwang, Violinist/Violist Emily Bartsch, Dancer Elizabeth Kresch, Painter of the Portraits Miriam Parker, Dancer Dan Kuan Peeples, Actor Emily Marie Pope, Dancer Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera, Dancer Chisa Takahashi, Makeup Artist Dane Terry, Pianist Devin Brahja Waldman, Saxophonist zaybra, Dancer


Yoshiko Chuma School of Hard Knocks

The Invisible Dog, 51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY

Portrait Painter: Elizabeth Kresch Makeup Artist: Chisa Takahashi Viola: Jason Kao Hwang Saxophonist: Devin Braja Waldman Trombonists: Christopher McIntyre, Steve Swell Actor: Dan Peeples Photographer: Alexis Ruiseco Videographer & Documenter: Andrew Kim Installation: Jake Vaughan & Nick Margolin Dance Artists: Zaybra, Emily Bartsch, Emily Marie Pope, Martita Abril, Nora Alami, Chip Chapin


Yoshiko Chuma School of Hard Knocks

The Invisible Dog, 51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY

Portrait Painter: Elizabeth Kresch Makeup Artist: Chisa Takahashi Saxophonist: Devin Braja Waldman Trombonists: Christopher McIntyre, Steve Swell Viola: Jason Kao Hwang Actor: Dan Peeples Photographer: Alexis Ruiseco Videographer & Documenter: Andrew Kim Installation: Jake Vaughan & Nick Margolin Dance Artists: Zaybra, Emily Bartsch, Emily Marie Pope, Martita Abril, Nora Alami, Chip Chapin


Michael Moss Acidental Orchestra

Westbeth Community Room, 155 Bank Street, NY, NY

Violin: Jason Hwang, Rosi Hertlein
Cello: Carol Buck, Lenny Mims, Tanja Hoehne
Bass: Ken Filiano, Larry Roland
Brass: Waldron Mahdi Ricks, Brian Groder, Libby Schwartz, Steve Swell, Peter Zummo Reeds: Richard Keene, Elliot Levin, Michael Lytle, Ras Moshe, Michael Moss, Dave Sewelson Piano: Steve Cohn Guitar: Dom Minasi Vibes: Chien Chien Lu Drums: Warren Smith, Bob Meyer, Chuck Fertal