Top Ten CDs of 2014 
- Vittorio Lo Conte, All About Jazz/ Italy, December 31, 2014  Read Full Article

this is one of the finest duet recordings I’ve heard in recent memory.  
- Robert Iannapollo, Cadence Magazine, July/August, 2014  Read Full Review

The duo of Ayman Fanous and Jason Kao Hwang doesn't shy away from anything. It's a partnership built on mutual respect, conviction, and a yearning for truth in sound.  
- Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz, February 27, 2014   Read Full Review

Here’s an exciting duo disc that bridges music of the Far East, Mid-East Mediterranean and free jazz in an exciting way. 
- George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly, February 27, 2014  Read Full Article

... the two musicians were extremely tight and attuned to each other, interacting and communicating to an extent that is rare even among experienced improvisers. 
- Matt Cole, DooBeeDooBeeDoo New York, February 15, 20014  Read Full Article

This is not world music. It isn't jazz either. This is music with ambition. Ambitions of beauty, artistic ambitions, for new forms of sounds, new ways to express things, full of emotional depth, with emotions that are too complex to be canvassed in old forms, too elusive to be captured in patterns, too deep to be expressed in shallow tunes. 
- Stef, Free Jazz Blog, February 5, 2014  Read Full Review

There is great freedom, technique harnessed to the ends of making a statement musically, and the sort of magic that results when all of that works, comes together. 
- Grego Appelgate Edwards,, February 18, 2014  Read Full Review

The duo release—Zilzal—further defines the evolution of two master musician/composers pursing the most imaginative alternatives to the status quo. 
- Karl Ackerman, All About Jazz, January 21 2014  Read Full Review

…it is serious contemporary music composed and performed by two eerily amazing musicians, a unique improvisational language that spans many streams of musical culture, aesthetics, and compositional philosophy. 
- Grady Harp,, December 13, 2013  Read Full Review