The band's music is a key document for understanding the evolution of the social and musical avant-garde jazz that season, between New York and Chicago, has ferried sounds and political awareness in the present, through the thousand streams of postmodernity with a voltage the future but maintained its anchor firmly tied to its history. 
- Gianpaolo Galasi,, November 5, 2011  Read Full Review

... it's some of the liveliest and most important work you'll hear for the early roots of Asian-American jazz! 
- Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation, Issue #106 reviews, November 4, 2011  Read Full Review

.. is one of the most important document of the generation of musicians coming after Murray and Aklaaf...
- Gian Paolo Galasi , July 23, 2011  complete,   Read Full Review doubting the grandeur and graphic power of this work and the strength of the fearless personalities behind it.
- Kevin Le Gendre,  Jazzwise Magazine  Read Full Review
The five pieces from the album charts and original sound.  
-Michael Rosenstein, Signal to Noise  Read Full Review

Commitment recently proved how fresh they still are by staging a near-sold out reunion concert at 5C Cultural Center, a small independent venue that has survived by a hair for the last 16 years. 
- Steve Dalachinsky, The Brooklyn Rail, June 6, 2011 Read Full Article

Commitment The Complete Recordings 1981/1983 | NoBusiness  
One of those records that must have seemed interesting but unfocused at the time sounds prophetic now, especially padded out to two-disc length with a rousing live set. 
- Tom Hull, The Village Voice, May 11, 2011  

..the band's is reassembling behind an impressive new two-CD set, Commitment: The Complete Recordings 1981/1983.
- Brad Farberman, Time Out New York,  April 28-May 4, 2011   Read Full Review
...this collection showcasing mostly new material to enthusiastic audiences...Intensity drives everything , but there is also a magnetic tendency towards space and opens.  
- John Ephland, Downbeat Magazine, January 2011  Read Full Review
...Commitment's music lies right in that sweet spot where Sixties free jazz meets the pan-stylistic reach of Chicago's AACM with a dose of "world music" thrown into the mix as well. It's that blend, and the co-operative quartet's collective power that makes this a band worth remembering.
- Stuart Kremsky, The IAJRC Journal, December, 2010  Read Full Review

An incredible two-disc recording documenting the talented but under-represented Afro-Asian avant garde quartet that included reed player Will Connell, Waukegan-born violinist Jason Hwang Kao, bassist William Parker and drummer Zen Matsuura… this release is more than just a trip down memory lane - the music is vital and surprisingly fresh and modern. 
- Jazz Chicago   Read Full Review

While barely heard in their half-decade lifespan, this peerless ensemble is once again available for investigation. 
- Clifford Allen, Ni Kantu, December 20, 2010  Read Full Review

…"The Complete Recordings" a revelation… (google translation) 
- Frank Bongers, Jazz Dimensions, November 17, 2010  Read Full Review

The sound texture of the group in full sail is dramatically powerful and nuanced….For a relatively brief moment in the 80’s they showed themselves as one of the most important improvisatory ensembles of the era. 
- Grego Applegate Edwards,, October 11, 2010  Read Full Review

After three decades, the music holds up amazingly well and proves this ensemble's progressiveness.  
-Jeff Stockton, All About Jazz New York, Oct. 1, 2010  Read Full Review

They are significant in being one of the first bands to marry African American and Asians in a contemporary jazz band.  The fusion yielded a wealth if creativity and though it was relatively short lived, it marked a significant movement.  
- D. Oscar Grooms, O’s Place Jazz Magazine, September 26, 2010  Read Full Review

The music is something else entirely! It is still fresh and filled with spiritual beauty.
- Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, 2010 Read Full Review

As one of first bands to unite Asian American with African American musicians, the quartet, comprising Jason Kao Hwang on violin and Zen Matsuura on drums with reedman Will Connell Jr. and bassist William Parker, was almost unprecedented and its blending of cultures unique. 
- John Sharpe, All About Jazz, September 3, 2010   Read Full Review

This forgotten masterpiece of the Loft Era showcases one of the most original and unjustly neglected ensembles of the period.
- Alonzo Weston, News Press Now, July 14, 2010  Read Full Review

This was a very enjoyable and interesting collection from a band that clearly did not receive their due.
- Tim, Jazz and Blues Blogspot, July 3, 2010  Read Full Review

Three decades later, we can only be amazed that these young musicians already had some of the great musical personalities and vision that they expanded on during the years to follow, stubbornly sticking to what they learned during the haydays of the loft period in New York, yet adding character, power and expressiveness over the years. But it's all here, already then : the freedom, the spirituality, but also their typical approach to get more of their instruments than artists had done before. 
- Free Jazz Blog, June 24, 2010  Read Full Review

...along with violinist Jason Hwang, who heads the group Commitment - and maybe that name, and that group, will head the music in a new direction one of these days, towards the Orient. Who knows?
- Patricia O'Haire, The NY Daily News,  June 24, 1983  Read  Full Article
Commitment is a new musical group that many people, including music critics, are beginning to notice.
- The NY Daily News, November 14, 1982  Read Full Article

Commitment's originality and eloquence show up more clearly at slower tempos. 
- Jon Pareles, NY Times, November 8, 1982  Read Full Review

The happy surprise of the month is a band (and album) called Commitment... The closest comparison is Air; Commitment is less droll and telegraphic, more earnest and meditative and thoroughly individual.  
- Jon Pareles,  (Jazziz?) 1981  Read Full Review
I've heard Will Connell play fine alto with Chico Hamilton and he assures me that the violinist in this trio, Jason Hwang is terribly good. The third member is bassist/drummer Jay Oliver.  - Gary Giddins, Village Voice (1978)

The quartet has the rare ability to give drama and direction to music with a floating beat,and its main soloists - Jason Hwang on violin and Will Connell Jr. on woodwinds - choose very note with care. -  Jon Pareles, New York Times (1983)  
Read Both Previews
Commitment and United Front: Review of two new albums by Asian and African American Music Groups
- Fred  Wei-han Houn, publication and date unknown  Read Full Review