The band's music is a key document for understanding the evolution of the social and musical avant-garde jazz that season, between New York and Chicago, has ferried sounds and political awareness in the present, through the thousand streams of postmodernity with a voltage the future but maintained its anchor firmly tied to its history. 
- Gianpaolo Galasi,, November 5, 2011  Read Full Review

... it's some of the liveliest and most important work you'll hear for the early roots of Asian-American jazz! 
- Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation, Issue #106 reviews, November 4, 2011  Read Full Review

.. is one of the most important document of the generation of musicians coming after Murray and Aklaaf...
- Gian Paolo Galasi , July 23, 2011  complete,   Read Full Review doubting the grandeur and graphic power of this work and the strength of the fearless personalities behind it.
- Kevin Le Gendre,  Jazzwise Magazine  Read Full Review
The five pieces from the album charts and original sound.  
-Michael Rosenstein, Signal to Noise  Read Full Review

Commitment recently proved how fresh they still are by staging a near-sold out reunion concert at 5C Cultural Center, a small independent venue that has survived by a hair for the last 16 years. 
- Steve Dalachinsky, The Brooklyn Rail, June 6, 2011 Read Full Article

Commitment The Complete Recordings 1981/1983 | NoBusiness  
One of those records that must have seemed interesting but unfocused at the time sounds prophetic now, especially padded out to two-disc length with a rousing live set. 
- Tom Hull, The Village Voice, May 11, 2011  

..the band's is reassembling behind an impressive new two-CD set, Commitment: The Complete Recordings 1981/1983.
- Brad Farberman, Time Out New York,  April 28-May 4, 2011   Read Full Review
...this collection showcasing mostly new material to enthusiastic audiences...Intensity drives everything , but there is also a magnetic tendency towards space and opens.  
- John Ephland, Downbeat Magazine, January 2011  Read Full Review