by Steve Dalachinsky 
The Brooklyn Rail 
June 6, 2011 

Online Article
Commitment recently proved how fresh they still are by staging a near-sold out reunion concert at 5C Cultural Center, a small independent venue that has survived by a hair for the last 16 years. The space is run by pianist extraordinaire Trudy Silver and her husband Bruce Morris, an avid music lover and supporter. Besides holding concerts and readings in a comfortable living room–style environment and serving good drinks and a vegetarian menu, the venue has since its inception supported the Lower East Side community through local educational programs for kids. Here’s the rub, however: Due to a longstanding dispute that I will not get into here, they have been facing constant eviction. I strongly advise you, dear reader, to support this space since it is of a dying and almost extinct ilk. When you have a minute, go online to find out more.