Google Translate: ... the two created these fragile and delicate moments, rich in musicality and feeling, one on violin and viola, the other on piano and to the vibraphone. They are engaging atmospheres in which the accent moves on pathos, communication, beyond the desecrating or angry moments of the free with which the two in the past have had to do. Among the most beautiful moments Below Zero, with the pizzicato on Hwang's violin that meets the vibraphone, is a very special atmosphere that the two manage to create in improvisation. Overall it is an incision without moments of emptiness, which involves the listener from beginning to end, of two musicians in a state of grace who had something real to say to each other and made it public. - Vittori LoConte,   Read Full Review

If it’s philosophical music, it’s far from dull music. There’s life, laughter, landscape and an affirmative lightness that is hard to resist. – Brian Morton, Jazz Journal  Read Full Review

Subtle, beautiful, haunting, masterful and delicately commanding, the duo of pianist and vibraphonist Karl Berger and Jason Kao Hwang on violin and viola recorded these 8 dialogs in Berger's Woodstock studio, their familiarity from Hwang's participation in Berger's Creative Music Orchestra summoning lyrical and sensitive music, finding profundity in restraint. - Squidco    Read at

Conjure by Karl Berger and Jason Kao Hwang stands as a masterful combination of both jazz and classical styling which makes for an incredible listening experience.  - Vincent Teneriello,  Read Full Review

Known as two of the best current improvisers, Hwang and Berger illustrate a stunning chemistry on this unpredictable and exciting record.  Read Full Review

This other meeting, between Berger and Hwang, shows two musicians who interact without dilute their identities, celebrating free music and giving carte blanche to the deepest human emotions. (google translation) - Antonio Branco,   Read Full Review

It’s a beguiling album from beginning to end; the music is strong and unsentimental, but at the same time gentle and deeply empathetic. It’s quite magical.  – Ed Hazell,Point of Departure  Read Full Review

Wonderfully spontaneous unpredictable creativity Karl Berger-Jason Kao Hwang – CONJURE:  The magic is with these two on their all-original wonderfully spontaneous and unpredictable recording (to be released 1 October, 2019)… Karl’s piano/vibes and Jason’s violin/viola will summon spirits from your inner depths and take you on a journey like you’ve never been on before. - Rotcod Zzaj, Contemporary Fusion Reviews  Read Full Review

Conjure..features eight improvised pieces that show their constantly openness to the moment... The opener, “Prophecy”, confirms that their voices make sense together. Berger launches the journey with a low-toned piano pedal, angular musings, and some caustic chordal movements. For its part, Hwang’s melodic narrative is as dramatic as it should be, and we can almost sense the tears suggested by his violin cries. - Felipe Freitas, Jazz Trails  Read Full Review

Listening to Hwang coax amazing sounds by plucking his strings on “Vanishing Roots” or Berger’s unpredictable piano chords and vibraphone notes may be unlike anything you’ve heard from a duo. - Jim Hines,   Read Full Review

Together, these two talented instrumentalists color outside the lines with an audacity and freedom that startles the senses. - Dee Dee McNeil, jazz journalist,  Read Full Review