Composer/ Violin/ Viola
Leader of Sing House Quintet, EDGE quartet, Burning Bridge octet,
and Spontaneous River (string orchestra with drum set)
Address:               25 Kennedy Road, Morris Plains, New Jersey  07950
Telephone:           201 653 3646
E-mail:                   jason@jasonkaohwang.com 
2015                • International Festival du Musique Actuelle,  Canada:  Burning Bridge octet
                        •  Magic Triangle, Amherst, MA:  Burning Bridge octet
                        •  Vision Festival 20, NYC: Sing House quintet           
                        •  Jazzshares, Amherst,Massachusetts:  Sing House quintet
                        •  Roulette, NYC: Sing House quintet and Amygdala Trio
2013                •  Flushing Town Hall • NYC, If We Live in Forgetfulness, We Die in a Dream:
                           Momenta String  Quartet
2012                •  Edgefest,  Ann Arbor, MI,  EDGE quartet
                        •  Rubin Museum, NYC - If We Live in Forgetfulness, We Die in a Dream:
                           Momenta String Qt.
                        •  Roulette, NYC:  Burning Bridge Octet
2011                •  tour of Poland (Posnan, Katowice, Krakow):  EDGE quartet
                        •  McNally Smith College of Music, Minneapolis, MN:
                        •  Roulette, NYC: Burning Bridge octet
2010                •  Freer Gallery, Washington, DC: Burning Bridge octet
                        •  Chicago World Music Festival • Burning Bridge octet
                        •  Edgefest, Ann Arbor, MI: Burning Bridge octet
2010                •  Reggie Workman’s, The Happening Festival, NYC: EDGE quartet
2009                •  Vancouver International Jazz Festival, NYC: EDGE quartet
                        •  JazzFest International, Victoria Island, Canada: EDGE quartet
                        •  Vision Festival XIV, NYC: Spontaneous River
2008                •  Edgefest, Ann Arbor, MI: EDGE quartet
                        •  Voyages: Montreal/NYC Festival: composer/ soloist
2007                •  Vision Festival XII, NYC: Local Lingo, duet with Sang Won Park
2006                •  Vision Festival XI, NYC: Jason Kao Hwang/ EDGE quartet
2000                •  Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival: The Far East Side Band
1999                •  Freer Gallery • Washington, DC: The Far East Side Band
                        •  Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival, NYC: The Far East Side Band
1998                •  3rd Annual Vision Festival, NYC: The Far East Side Band
1997                •  Beijing International Jazz Festival, China: The Far East Side Band
1996                •  International Festival du Musique Actuelle,  Victoriaville, Canada:
                           The Far East Side Band
                        •  The Institute of Contemporary Art,  Boston: The Far East Side Band
1995                •  Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen, Nickelsdorf, Austria: The Far East Side Band
                        •  Jazz Spektakel, Wuppertal, Germany: The Far East Side Band
                        •  World Music Institute, NYC: The Far East Side Band
2015                •  US Artists International, International Festival du Musique Actuelle (Canada): 
                           Burning Bridge
                        •  The Challenge:  Tiananmen Square, orchestra commission,
                           Multi-Cultural Music group
2013                •  Lifelines, commissioned by Edgefest, Ann Arbour, MI
                        •  Chamber Music America Presenting Jazz grant, Flushing Town Hall, NY:
                           Burning Bridge
2012                •  Rising Star on Violin, Downbeat Jazz Critics poll
                        •  Violinist of the Year, El Instruso 4th Annual Critics poll, 
                        •  Burning Bridge, Top CDs of the Year, Kevin Whitehead, National Public Radio
2011                •  Crossroads Unseen, Top CDs of 2011, Robert Ianapollo, NYC Jazz Record
2009                •  U.S. Embassy touring grant:  tour of Poland
                        •  Chamber Music America, New Jazz Works:
                           Commissioning and Ensemble Development
                        •  U.S. Artists International
                        •  Composer Assistance Program, American Music Center
2008                •  Stories Before Within, Top CDS of 2008, CODA Magazine
2006                •  EDGE, Top CDs of 2006, All About Jazz
2005                •  Best Opera Recordings of the Year, Opera News
2002                •  New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship
2001                •  Puffin Foundation
                        •  Margaret Fairbank Jory Copying Assistance Program
1999                •  Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust
1998-2000       •  Meet the Composer/New Residencies, Round V
1997                •  The Fund for U.S. Artists at International Festivals and Exhibitions
1995-1996       •  New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship
1995                •  National Endowment for the Arts, Opera/Musical Theater
                        •  Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust

2014                •  Zilzal • violin, guitar/bouzouki
2011                •  Spontaneous River, Symphony of Souls • Mulatta Records
                        •  Crossroads Unseen • Jason Kao Hwang/EDGE quartet • Euonymus Records
2010                •  Commitment, the Complete Recordings, 1981-1983 • No Business Records
2008                •  Stories Before Within • Innova Records
2006                •  EDGE • Asian Improv Records
2005                •  The Floating Box, A Story in Chinatown • New World Records

2015                •  The Challenge, Tiananmen Square, full orchestra
2014                • A Lifetime, Amygdala Trio (vln/vla, gayakeum, djembe)
                        • through smoke, upon ashes, Sing House Quintet (vln/vla, tbn, pn, bs, dr)
2013                • Lifelines, EDGE quartet (vln, cnt, bs, drums) plus Mezzo Soprano, sopranino sax/bs cl
2012                • Voices of Our Own • viola, kayagum, pocket trumpet/tenor sax, string bass
2011                • If We Live in Forgetfulness, We Die in a Dream • Momenta String Quartet
                        • Symphony of Souls, Spontaneous River Orchestra; Mulatta Records release
2009                • Burning Bridge • Chamber Music America, New Jazz Works
1998-2001       • The Floating Box, A Story in Chinatown (chamber opera) • produced by the Asia Society,
                          Museum of Chinese in the Americas, Music from China, Meet the Composer/New Residencies

2015                • Yoshiko Chuma School of Hard Knocks:  La Mama •NYC
2014                •  Karl Berger Orchestra:  Shapeshifter,NYC
2011                • Elaine Summers, Pauline Oliveros,  Serralves Museum, Portugal
2000                • Duo with Dr. Makanda Ken McIntyre: Chicago Cultural Center
1996                • Vladimir Tarasov Trio, tour of Vilnius, Lithuania; Moscow
                          and Arkhengelsk, Russia
                        • Henry Threadgill’s Society Situation Dance Band,Verona, Italy
1995                • Reggie Workman Ensemble, Antwerp, Belgium and Amsterdam
                        • Anthony Braxton Quintet, Istanbul, Turkey

2015                • exhibit video for Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion,
                          NY Historical Society • NYC  
2009                • ten short films • Nancy Tong • Museum of Chinese in America
2008                • Young and Restless in China, WGBH, PBS,
                           Ambrica Films, feature documentary
1998                • Tug of War, The Story of Taiwan,  WGBH, PBS 
1997                • Kundun (source music wChinese and Western orchestras and choirs),
                          Disney, Martin Scorsese, director 
                        • Born Under the Red Flag, WGBH, PBS, 1hour documentary • Ambrica Films

2013 -              • Sound Design • New York University, NYC
2007 -              • Queens Summer Youth Program: lecture
2005                • Columbia Universtiy, NYC: lecture
2003                • Westminster College, NJ: Memory, Instincts and Culture lecture
2000 - 2005     • Asian American Music • Asian/Pacific/American Studies,
                          New York University • NYC