Mirroring the onslaught of the pandemic and our attempts to adapt to a new normal, the angular fits and starts of “Words Asleep Spoken Awake, Part 1” give way to a structured groove and anthemic melody, while “Part 2” transitions from bristling frenzy to haunting elegy. The episodic suite incorporates funk, swing, and free-form sections, with seamless transitions between recurring motifs and individual solos that demonstrate the trio’s uncanny chemistry... - Troy Collins, Point of Departure  Read Full Review

(Google translation) ...the obvious emotionality of the musicians remains, completely at ease in a communicative process that is willingly heard, complex, and at the same time easy to follow for what they express. - Vittorio Lo Conte, musiczoom.it  Read Full Review

Jason Kao Hwang plays violin and viola as he teams up with bassist Ken Filiano and drummer Andrew Drury for six originals. Hwang’s tone is rich and gorgeous, making the outside and left tunes quite accessible...The interplay between the three is impressive, conversing and contrasting on “Words Asleep Spoken Awake: Part 1” and forming a strong front line on “Defiance”. Free and focused. - George W. Harris, jazz weekly.com  Read Full Review

What they actually play conveys great verve and great zeal for life. Hwang and Filiano can pluck and counterpluck, but then they break out bows and the concept goes tilt-a-whirl dizzy... But dry, strategically assembled bits gave way to wild flights of mad-bird fancy. Crucial areas (I’ll leave you to find them) reveal that they’re playing nothing less than the blues, a rubbery swagger at which each of the three men throws himself, to push the other two up that hill. - Andrew Hamlin, jazztimes.com  Read Full Review

...Conscious Concave Concrete” and “Battle For the Indelible Truth”, where Hwang explores traditional Asian music. On the former piece he plucks the viola with expressive meaning, painting a clear, bright landscape that includes hushed solo moments and an in-the-pocket good-time bounce totally anchored in the blues. The latter piece, in turn, exhibits an intense rock-flavored tone with call-and-response patterns that are reminiscent of activist chants... With 15 years of mutual collaboration and musical understanding, Hwang, Filiano and Drury have developed a natural, fascinating language that is fully expressed on Human Rites Trio. - Filipe Freita, jazztrail.net  Read Full Review

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...this six track blend of inviting melodic passages, deep rolling grooves, tribal percussion, haunting white noise and cacophonous mind-searing energies was completed during the early days of COVID-19 make it the perfect reflection of the complacency shattering, high anxiety era we’re living here in 2020.  - Jonathan Widram, jwvibe.com  Read full review

Jason Kao Hwang sure is a prolific artist, and thankfully his craft is extremely well executed and always thoughtful. This time, he’s aligned with Andrew Drury behind the drum kit and Ken Filiano handling string bass while Hwang utilizes violin and viola with stunning results...Now having worked together on and off for 15 years, the trio illustrate dynamic chemistry amid a rich and daring climate on this exceptional outing.  - Tom Haugen, Take Effect Read Full Review

Jason has been working with bassist Ken Filiano and drummer Andrew Drury for a long time: they recorded their first joint album fifteen years ago, and later collaborated in a variety of formats - from Edge Quartet to Sing House Quintet, so the musicians have a great understanding... Battle for the Indelible Truth impress with an unusually expressive game and jewelry interaction of all three artists. - Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad  Read Full Review

This eponymous date presents six tracks that magnify a musical confluence while also playing to puckish divergence. It's a marriage of complete control and artful abandon that's never short on surprise...Jason Kao Hwang, Ken Filiano and Andrew Drury know themselves well enough to be lost and found in each other's sounds, and that beauty points to what's right with Human Rites Trio's music. - Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz  Read Full Review

Andrew Drury pumps energy and excitement into the pieces.. Although they sometimes direct the vessel of their music into uncharted waters and often express chaos, like in a stormy sea, their musicianship is palpable.  if contemporary Avant-garde is your thing, you’ll put on your life jacket and dive into this project. - Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs  Read Full Review