This eponymous date presents six tracks that magnify a musical confluence while also playing to puckish divergence. It's a marriage of complete control and artful abandon that's never short on surprise...Jason Kao Hwang, Ken Filiano and Andrew Drury know themselves well enough to be lost and found in each other's sounds, and that beauty points to what's right with Human Rites Trio's music. - Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz  Read Full Review

5/5 Stars. An elegant concert for our troubled times. Grady Harp,  Read Full Review

The near-12 minute opulence of the pure, thrusting, raw string-shredding expressionism through hybrid Afro-Asian ecumenicism, of the dynamic 'Battle for the Indelible Truth' is a breathtaking work of musical art, in and unto itself, and then the album comes to a close on the fingering-finesse, and drum/percussion, dynamic call and response between composition and improvisation core found within 'Defiance.' - Anne Carlini, Exclusive Magazine  Read Full Review

...The bluesy bass line and finger picking of strings gives "Conscious Concave Concrete" a stellar, jamming groove, while "2 AM" has a more elegant touch to the main structure of the song. Jason Kao Hwang finishes his new album with the quiet build up of "Defiance" which closes with a stellar drum solo. - JP's Music Blog  Read full review

Jason Kao Hwang is a composer and violinist who explores some interesting and exciting terrain with regards to human communication and interaction on his new release, Human Rites Trio...All of this album’s tracks take us in unexpected directions. - Michael Doherty Blog Read full Review

The three virtuoso musicians are recognized for their exploration of the potential offered by the respective instruments. Individual voices intertwine in such a way that at every moment our senses are impacted in an unpredictable and deeply intentional way, creating firm bonds that unite musicians and listeners. - António Branco,  (google translation) Read full review

If “jazz violin” evokes for you the uptempo swing, orchestral blues, and virtuosic bebop of the great Regina Carter, it needn’t; Hwang’s style, equally moving, is marked by wide-open texture, harmonic expansion, and rhythmic looseness, not conventional idioms, but it’s still tethered to melody and beats.  Daniel King,   Read full article

…when it comes to improvised music, I consider Jason’s violin/viola work to be right up there at the TOP! … I give Jason and his bandmates a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this highly engaging sonic experience.   - Rotcod Zzaj, Contemporary Fusion  Read full review

Jason Kao Hwang: Human Rites Trio (2019 [2020], True Sound): Violinist, born in America but studied Chinese classical music and added it to his jazz mix. With Ken Filiano (bass) and Andrew Drury (drums). Sample title: "Battle for the Indelible Truth." A- [cd] [07-01} - Tom Hull Read at Tom Hull's blog