An ethnic fusion of enormous proportion, Chinese-American violinist Jason Kao Hwang teams with Korean Sang Won Park, who plays zithers - the bowed six-string ajeng, and the twelve-string plucked kayagum…. They have created their own language, unique unto itself 
-  Michael G. Nastos,, March 1, 2008  Read Full Review

While the different tunings and scales of traditional Eastern music can sound alien to Western ears, here the increasingly global language of joint improvisation bridges the divide. 
- Kurt Gottschalk, All About Jazz, November 9, 2007  Read Full Review

Invention is in constant evolution, from the high notes of the violin to the percussive taps on the strings of the ajeng, to the injection of the melody and its swift evaporation… Local Lingo is seductive and captivating. 
- Jerry D'Souza, All About Jazz, October 4, 2007  Read Full Review

Both the locale and the ling-go of Local Lingo come across as translocal and translingual when heard as the latest words of the tale composer-violinist Jason Kao Hwangs been telling in his previous CDs, and the voice hes been training to tell it. 
- Mike Heffley, Signal to Noise, September 30, 2007  Read Full Review

Certainly, having lived in Korea for 15 years, I have some understanding of "where this is coming from I enjoyed this, & hope to hear more in the future - the CD gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us for listeners ready to experience something sonically different! 
- Rotcod Zzaj, September 24, 2007   Read Full Review

The word soulful is too often bandied around and has settled into cliche, but nothing else so fits the deeply human expressiveness of this music. 
- Taylor Ho Bynum, Blog, November 30, 1999  Read Full Review

Both of these men are great soloists and love to push themselves into unexpected situations. This duo blended ancient (sounding) songs with more modern improvisations and created something quite different. 
- Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter,  November 30, 1999  Read Full Review

Both of these men are masters of their instruments and make a very special musical connection. The Asian influence is present in many pieces but this is new modern music played at a high level. 
- Scott Heller, Aural-Innovations, November 30, 1999   Read Full Review