Hwang has assembled a formidable quintet of past collaborators: Andrew Drury (drum set), Ken Filiano (bass), Chris Forbes (piano) and Steve Swell (trombone)... The tracks are all extended enthralling journeys...The energy here is impressive, with Hwang delivering a fantastic solo towards the end of the fourth minute. What is key here is how the track weaves in and around the boundary between the straight-ahead and the avant-garde... Brian Kiwanuka, The Free Jazz Collective  Read Full Review


Sing House was chosen as one of the Best CDs of 2017 by Downbeat Magazine.  Read Downbeat

Sing House is selected as on of the Top Ten Recordings of 2017 by Robert Iannapollo of Cadence Magazine.  Read Full List

For Hwang, the typical habits of Western music—echoing a theme several times; a verse/chorus/verse format; and ordinary call and response—are less useful to what he wants to create. Instead, Hwang embraces discovery, active imagination and participatory spontaneity. He does so in full on four outspread pieces which have conflict and contrast, communication and creativity, and discordance and differentiation... the band cultivates slices of impulsive beauty, eccentrically diverse pacing and asymmetrical rhythm changes. There are liberated and unconventional solos, and in-the-moment acuity... Doug Simpson, Audiophile  Read Full Review

Perhaps it’s too capacious a statement, but there probably isn’t a better equipped or adventurous American violinist-violist on the contemporary music scene than Jason Kao Hwang. And Sing House goes a long way to confirming this statement.  - Ken Waxman, JazzWord    Read Full Review

...the ensemble playing is excellent and the rhythm section really supports the soloists. In short, a really enjoyable record which will stand up to many playings. Highly recommended.  Bernie Koenig, Cadence Magazine  Read Full Review

Jason Kao Hwang isn’t the only violinist using his instrument in a context that relies equally on free improvisation and composition.  But Sing House amply demonstrates the singular blend of passion and control he brings to the intersection.  - Mike Shanley, Jazz Times   Read Full Review

Violinist/violist Jason Kao Hwang’s new quintet comes out swinging on Sing House, a freebop anthology reflecting his tenures with Anthony Braxton, Henry Threadgill and other modern thinkers.  The band features a frontline with trombone master Steve Swell and a rhythm section of Ken Filiano (bass), Chris Forbes (piano) and Andrew Drury (drums).  - Robert Bush, The New York City Jazz Record   Read Full Review

You can tell that all five members of this quintet have been working hard on bridging the ago between free and written sections since each flurry of activity or solo seamlessly flows into the next section... Jason Kao Hwang remains one of the most distinctive, creative and fascinating string players of all. His wonderful playing and well-crafted compositions are at the center of this great disc so grab this gem ASAP!  - Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter, August 17, 2017  Read Full Review

Sharp versus continuous. Forgotten and abiding. Diatonic into toneless. Juxtaposition defines “Dream Walk,” a 12-minute spree from the violinist Jason Kao Hwang’s latest album, “Sing House,” due May 5. His quintet jostles from occasional moments of unison playing into wide-burning group improvisations. Like much in Mr. Hwang’s catalog, this stuff feels both intensely personal and oddly mythic. - Giovanni Russonello, The New York Times, April 28, 2017  Read Full Review