Jason Kao Hwang/Sing House

by Bernie Koenig, Cadence Magazine, Oct Nov Dec 2017


The musicians just jump here and get going. Great Energy. Then things go through all kinds of changes. The four compositions are all by Hwang and are interesting.  The way he changes tempos and uses the ensemble I am reminded of Mingus, which is a good thing.  I also hear classical influences in the compositions as well. I am familiar with Filiano and Swell and they perform excellently here, as do all the players.  I hear a bit of Cecil Taylor in Chris Forbes' playing, and I think I hear some Billy Bang in Hwang's playing.  I really enjoy his accompanying playing.  There is a marvelous section in "Inscribe" in a slow tempo which coasts along, and then the whole ensemble jumps in with complex riff climaxing with a drum solo.  This structure is found throughout the CD but this particular one stood out for me.  Drury also turns in some fine solo work, though on occasion a little more space would have been nice.  On a more general note, the ensemble playing is excellent and the rhythm section really supports the soloists. In short, a really enjoyable record which will stand up to many playings. Highly recommended.