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Hwang accompanied her (poet Patricia Spears Jones) with empathic music, sometimes angular, sometimes beautiful. - Martin Schray, The Free Jazz Blog   Read full review

Downbeat Magazine's Critics Poll,  Jason Kao Hwang 2012 Rising Star Violin. 
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2012 El Intruso 4th Annual Critics Poll, Jason Kao Hwang, Violinist of the Year
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...Jason Kao Hwang's searing intensity in trumpeter Roy Campbell's Akhenaten Ensemble...
- John Sharpe, The New York City Jazz Record, August, 2013  Read Full Review

Things picked up again with the cheerfully postmodern “If We Live in Forgetfulness, We Die in a Dream,” a recent work by Jason Hwang. Its connection with Buddhism was maybe more theoretical than musical, but it was a warm, human, richly melodic work with all the finely tuned eclecticism we’ve come to expect from Hwang (who brought his extraordinary “Burning Bridge” suite to the Freer two years ago). 
Stephen Brookes, The Washington Post,  November 9, 2012  Read Full Review

The most readily appealing work of the night was Jason Kao Hwang's If We Live Forgetfulness, We Die in a Dream which had Berg-like rumination and a lush, arching climax.  
The Strad, August, 2011   Read Full Review

In a class of its own, with a sound like no other group in the festival, was the Fifty Violins in dedication to the much lamented Leroy Jenkins, led and conducted by Billy Bang and coordinated by Jason Kao Hwang. 
- Marc Medwin, All About Jazz, August 12, 2007  Read Full Review