True Sound, 2019 


An all star duo, Jason Kao Hwang brings his violin and viola prowess, as Karl Berger holds down piano and vibraphone across 9 stunning compositions that they penned. 

“Prophecy” starts the listen with Hwang’s elegant strings as Berger’s sublime keys complement the introspective setting, and “Silhouettes” follows with vibraphone fun mixed with haunting tones. 

In the middle, “Vanishing Roots” manipulates mood and sound with plucking strings and strategic keys in the bare display, while “Faith” textures piano and viola together with much beauty and awe. 

At the end, “Water Finds Water” is 13 minutes of blurry, hazy, minimalistic exploration, and “Arise” exits the affair with avant-garde jazz ideas amid Hwang’s artistic vision with the violin and Berger’s proficient chords. 

Known as two of the best current improvisers, Hwang and Berger illustrate a stunning chemistry on this unpredictable and exciting record. 

Travels well with: Jessica Pavone- Army Of Strangers; Tucker Brothers- Two Parts

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