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Chinese-American violinist, violist and composer Jason Kao Hwang is a longtime collaborator of German vibraphonist and musicologist Karl Berger who lives and works in the United States. Berger became famous through collaborations with famous jazz avant-garde artists, including Don Cherry, Anthony Braxton, Steve Lacy, Elvin Jones, Sam Rivers and the Globe Unity Orchestra. Together with Ornette Coleman, he founded the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock, which played an important role in the development of contemporary improvised music. Following these avant-garde thoughts, he recorded a new album, "Conjure". This time he decided to form a duo, having a spontaneous conversation with Kao Hwang. Berger plays vibraphone and piano, and Kao Hwang plays violin and viola. The album was recorded in the aforementioned Berger studio in Woodstock, which today bears the name Sertso Studio, after his wife and collaborator, singer Ingrid Sertso, who runs it with him. Improvisation, interludes, unrestrainedness, immediacy, intuition, connection on various levels - all these are determinants of performances that they create on the spot, without premeditation, which they cannot repeat. In fact, they avoid repeating anything they have already played, in order to be endlessly fresh, new and intriguing. After so much music played, and they have fascinating long careers during which they have accomplished a huge number of works, it is not easy to keep the mind open to evoking new ideas and processing current stimuli, collecting and processing new data and turning them into new sound constellations. To them, it still works. 

- Davor Hrvoj, Sound Guardian

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