The Complete Recordings 1981/1983 
2011 NoBusiness Records 
by Gianpaolo Galasi 
November 5, 2011 

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"They do not believe that music can change the world." With these words of William Parker, devoted to 'traditional' jazz, Marcello Lorraine opened the book dedicated to the bassist and composer interview published last year. It 'difficult to approach and understand music only from the point of view of aesthetics. He also wrote an intellectual, a sociologist and poet Imamu Amiri Baraka African American in his blues The people who try to understand an artistic expression undock from the context in which it was created and evolved is to risk not understand anything about art itself . 
For these reasons, this double reissue of Collective Commitment is key. The recordings included here include a reprint of an LP (the only namesake, the group published in 1981) and a live album dates back to a short European tour in 1983, before the dissolution. The band's music is a key document for understanding the evolution of the social and musical avant-garde jazz that season, between New York and Chicago, has ferried sounds and political awareness in the present, through the thousand streams of postmodernity with a voltage the future but maintained its anchor firmly tied to its history. 
These are the adventures of a young fellow Parker. Will Connell Jr., multi-instrumentalist originally from Los Angeles that in the sixties he moved to New York after the riots that set fire to the ghetto of Watts in the ranks of the team of pianist Horace Tapscott, in addition to playing the alto Pan African People's Arkestra in the works as arranger for Motown, but not limited to: the orchestral parts of Ornette Coleman's Skies of America are also on his own. Jason Kao Hwang, violin and viola here, a descendant of the first generation of Chinese immigrants, grows near Chicago, and is an active season of the New York loft style, as the study Rivbea Sam Rivers, Zen Matsuura, drummer, born and raised in Kobe Tokyo, breathing difficulties and prejudices of Japanese society towards those who like him has a father Korean, as a result of these difficulties leaving high school, and, under the protective wing of his uncle, who transmits the passion for jazz,continue his studies and moved to the States to study drums. 
The springboard is the Soundscape of four musicians, the loft of ethnomusicology Verna Gills, which exhibit alternating to the most famous artists, achieving a success that will serve as a springboard for the careers of all four. Get music videos (often focusing on the difficulties of integration of the various ethnic groups in the urban fabric, but not only) created by students from nearby New York University or by independent filmmakers, and often sound to finance the activities of associations (such as the Basement Workshop) thatdealing with the marginalization of minorities on the territory undock focusing on awareness of one's identity. Begins to form a scene, transgenerational, whose protagonists are still on the agenda in the field of creative music: Roy Campbell, Ahmed Abdullah, and the dead Billy Bang and Reggie Workman, among others. 
The music in these two compact is packed full of ethnic influences conveyed in a highly personal vision of music, a bridgehead between the old school chiacagoana garde and more recent experiences in New York. Meditative atmospheres (Mountain Song, Famine, Grassy Hills The Sun), torrential grooves (The web of forces), gifts all'AACM (No Name). While the live material, which occupies the last three tracks on the first disc and the second in full, are expanding in space and time occupied by the same voltage which is then collectives In Order To Survive and Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra . Music is essential, vital, human expression, at best, like no other.