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The new band of the American violinist of Chinese origin Jason Kao Hwang has come to the second album and shows a project that in the titles and in the declarations of the leader, reported inside the cover, is a call against the violence: “Blood meditates upon the emotional traumas of war within the body as unspoken vibrations that reverberate throughout communities and across generations ". Together with him a group of musicians known in the avant-garde environment, Joseph Daley on the tuba, Taylor Bo Hynum on cornet and flugelhorn, Andrew Dury on drums and Ken Filiano on double bass, the Chinese Sun Li on the pipe and Wang Guowei on erhu, two string instruments of their tradition and Steve Swell on trombone. the five pieces unfold like a suite, with intense moments in which each of the musicians is called to give his contribution in solo. The interweaving of composition and improvisation is impressive for how the exotic sounds and improvisations of the leader and Bynum, both already in the groups of Anthony Braxton, are intertwined, together with Swell's trombone, author of a remarkable moment on Surge (Part 2 ). The music proceeds with moments inspired by the avant-garde but also with swing, as in Evolution, in which Hwang shows all its value in a passion-rich solo. Chinese instruments find their way to integration with western music along with Filiano's double bass and percussion, everything sounds engaging, beyond their respective traditions. It closes with the dramatic atmospheres of Declarations and the intertwining of stringed instruments, it is a communicative avant-garde with clear ideas. Very interesting record.

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