Arriving in the early days of July is the latest release from world-renown violin player Jason Kao Hwang. He has teamed up once again with Andrew Drury on drums and Ken Filiano on bass to create six new unique jazz compositions. Hwang's new album titled "Human Rites Trio" begins with the experimental, two-part instrumental piece "Words Asleep Spoken Awake." As each musician seems to be performing to their own rhythm, it all works together in a common theme. The bluesy bass line and finger picking of strings gives "Conscious Concave Concrete" a stellar, jamming groove, while "2 AM" has a more elegant touch to the main structure of the song. Jason Kao Hwang finishes his new album with the quiet build up of "Defiance" which closes with a stellar drum solo. To find out more about Jason Kao Hwang and his latest release "Human Rites Trio," please visit - JP's Music Blog

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