BY Vittorio Lo Conte,


Chinese-born American violinist and violist Jason Kao Hwang is with Ken Filiano on double bass and Andrew Dury on drums in this new recording, recorded in the studio in 2019 and tuned for publication in the lockdown period due to Covid 19, so that the disc is dedicated to health workers and to the memory of all those who disappeared in this tragic period. The three work together for a long time and their music has reached a remarkable level of empathy, on the compositions of Hwang. On the two Words Asleep Spoken Awake: Part I and Words Asleep Spoken Awake: Part II the three develop a strong dose of empathy that is expressed through a communication very attentive to the unfolding of the music, which the three follow compactly, without leaving room for inappropriate fraying . In Conscious Concave Concrete, on the insistent rhythms of rhythmics, Hwang has the opportunity to make room for fantasy with his viola, which echoes world, Korean music in this case. But, apart from the technical particularities of each performance, the obvious emotionality of the musicians remains, completely at ease in a communicative process that is willingly heard, complex, and at the same time easy to follow for what they express.

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